Thursday, February 01, 2007

Font font font - Fontastic!

I love fonts. I really really do, and it's something I've loved since finding the internet. My absolute favorites though are ones that correspond to real life products/books/movies. There are a TON out there, and most are for free, if one is willing to look.

The problem is, when I open up my font folder, I have 761 fonts. That's not a whole lot, because I went through and deleted all the ones I didn't like a while back. It used to be over 1000! Anyway, I can't remember what each of my 761 fonts looks like. Sure, Word helps with the drop down menu, but I forget, well, because I am me!

I found a list online of fonts and their scrapbooking product equivalents, and I thought, What a great idea! So I added the ones I had to that list, made additional sections for other fonts outside of scrapbooking, and turned them all into tables. The result?

A word document that tells me EXACTLY what my "famous" fonts are, and what they correspond to, perfect for certain themed layouts. That is just the last page of it!

Kick Butt.



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