Sunday, September 03, 2006

Funeral Potatoes are GROSS!!!

They say that they call them Funeral Potatoes because they're a popular casserole to take to funerals, weddings, and other miscellaneous potluck events. I think they call them that because if you eat them you might DIE!!! Seriously, those people who decided to call Fettucine Alfredo a heart attack on a plate need to get a load of this recipe.

I hang out on the 2peas NSBR board a lot, and I've heard more than one reference to how good these potatoes are. Apparently they're very popular at LDS functions, along with green jello containing bits of shredded carrots, which in all honesty should have been my first clue. I did a little research, found several recipes to make sure they were all consistent, and picked one. It souned straight forward - frozen hashbrown potatoes, cheddar, butter, sour cream, sauteed onions, cream of chicken.... kinda like a souped up baked potato.

I bought the stuff and made a HALF batch. After all, it's just me and the husband here, we don't need that much food laying around. It looked pretty gross as I was spooning it into the baking dish, but I held on to the hopes that it would look better when it came out of the oven. WRONG!!! Oh, GAG, the grease was just bubling up from the side, and since my baking dishes are Pyrex, I could see the bottom of the casserole looked just as grody as when it went in.

Still, you can't say that you don't like something without trying it, so I got a bowl and dished up a little bit. I went into the living room and my husband was like, GAH, What Is THAT??? I poked at it with a fork, and noticed the potatoes were now floating in a little pool of their own grease, and not really touching the bowl anymore.

Now, I love me some greasy food, but I could NOT bring myself to taste that. In fact, I had to take the bowl into the kitchen because the sight of the congealed potato/fat mass was making me queasy. I just wandered into the kitchen about a half hour ago to get some water, and I noticed that the spot in the dish where I spooned out a serving is now full - I am talking like someone filled it in, to the top! - of congealed grease. BLECH.

We had Whoppers for dinner. Far healthier alternative, I'd say.


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