Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Bee-Day to Me!

I'm such a slacker - I didn't even blog about my birthday! And I call myself a blogger... sheesh!

On Thursday, my boss brought me a cake and presents! She got me Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit, which I have been wanting to read, some pretty monogrammed notecards, and this cute book called Bad Dog. She tied the bad with several yards of cute pink and black ribbon too. That was really sweet of her. My husband sent me a bouquet of daisies. They're my favorite flower, in fact, my wedding bouquet was just daisies.

It's funny, because he called me as I was getting ready to leave and asked me if I was at work. I said yeah, but I was getting ready to head home. He says oh, well, maybe you would like to hang out for a while longer? Oh yeah, and if "anything" happened with my maiden name on it, it was an accident. Funny guy!

When I got home, I had a package waiting for me. My mother in law, who I am convinced is the BEST mother in law EVER, sent me a dozen pink roses. She's a pink girl just like me. I realized that I didn't have a vase, so I stuck them in a crystal pitcher, which I have to say, was a VERY pretty compromise. I think I like it better than a vase! Gidget liked it too.

On Friday, my husband, my friend and I went to Benihana to celebrate. She had never been there before, and she loved it. We made a teensy detour on the way there to stop at Tiffany's, so I could pick out something for my birthday gift from my husband. I got a chunky oval tag bracelet. As always, Benihana was a good time. I got me a little samurai kitty souvenir glass. It's guarding my Prima's now.

Oh yeah, and I get a trip to Sephora sometime soon with the gift card she got me! I loooove Sephora, and I need a new tube of Diorshow, so it's perfect timing.

In other news, you'll never believe what is in my ceiling. I guess I should start with last summer, about this time, I noticed this sticky brown stuff dripping down my front door. Gross, right? You could see the drips were coming from the top of the door frame, but it wasn't clear where the drips were originating, if that makes sense. We figured it was some sort of sap from the wood, and wiped it up when it would happen. It really didn't seem like worrying about.

Well, it started to happen again this year. Again, Not worried, just wiped it up. My friend noticed it one day and asked about it. I told her we figured it was probably sap or something. She also noticed that on the ceiling of the landing it looked like there was a crack and some moisture around it. That was odd, because they just redid the roof about a month ago. Interesting.

Well, on Sunday we were hanging out at her apartment when the maintenance guy came over to check her ceiling. Apparently, before the roof was redone, there had been a leak in a corner, and due to the resulting moisture, the roof grew mushrooms. Yeah. Upside down mushrooms growing from her ceiling in the corner.

So the maintenance guy comes over to see if the contractors fixed it correctly or if they just patched it. Yeah, they patched it. Anyway, we were chatting, and my friend asked him if it was normal to have brown stuff dripping down your door. He asked us to describe it, so we told him it was about the color and consistency of pancake syrup. I figured it was some sort of sap, because it was sticky.He said, uh, no, that's not normal. He told me to call the office so someone could check it out for me.

Monday morning, I get a different maintenance guy over. He looks at it and starts laughing. I asked what it was and he says well, I've seen this once before, at a different apartment complex. That brown stuff is honey, see? And he swipes his finger across the drips and sticks it in his mouth.

There is a beehive in my walls!!!!

Oh, and that crack in the ceiling of the landing? Um, not moisture. Try melted beeswax and more honey! He showed me how the whole thing was slightly bowed, which I never noticed because it is really slight. He says that the hive up there must be about a good 30 - 40 lbs. I get drips in the summer because the honey melts enough to seep through the wood.

The bee guy is coming on Thursday.


I redecorated my living room yesterday, I will try to post some pics later this week. I'm waaaaaay sore today though, from painting and moving furniture around.

I'm off to bed now!


Blogger em said...

Happy Birthday! (Late...sorry!) Can't believe about the bees...or the mushrooms! Crazy!!

4:41 AM  
Anonymous wendy said...

Happy birthday to you!! It sounds like it was lovely!! Was that the cat that you took home? Its a beckoning kitty. Beckons good luck! :)

Bee hive. YIKES..... You are so much calmer than I would ever have been.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Lynn said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a great time. I love daisys also.

I am still stunned about your bee hive issue. I can see it happening, but am still shocked! Good luck getting that out of there.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Sofia said...

Happy B-Day! :-)

Mushrooms and bees? Who knew?!

12:39 PM  
Blogger melissa said...

Happy Belated birthday!! sounds like you had an awesome day. Benihana is so cool ;) and anything from Tiffany's is on my good list.

AHHH about the bee hive, that is crazy that you have honey dripping from your walls plus mushrooms! hope everything gets cleaned up for you asap :)

10:20 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

Wow, I would think you would be able to hear them? Crazy!!

Sounds like you had a pretty good birthday. :)

Watch out for flash floods!

9:05 PM  

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