Saturday, January 21, 2012

And so it begins...

What, you didn't think I'd be having another baby and not start doing crafty things on her behalf, did you?

I loved the bibs I did for Bubba, so since I still had a few blank ones in my stash it was a no brainer to start off with a few of those.  I did a Google search for vintage embroidery patterns, and when I came across this one I knew it would be one I did for Miss Kelly.  See, I joined this sorority in college, and our mascot is a lion and our flower is a violet.  Also, if you have a daughter, she's considered a legacy when she goes to college.  Not that I'd pressure her to join, of course, that's up to her.  However, I think it would be supremely cool to get to pin her with my badge if she did join.  Just saying.

Our colors are azure blue and white, so adding her name in blue was also a no brainer.  It's one of those things that unless you know and understand the symbolism behind what's going on here, you'd just think it's a cute vintage style embroidered baby bib.  I think that may be one of the most fun parts about the whole sorority thing.  :)

Either way, it's cute and that's what matters most, right?

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Blogger Katy said...

Definitely cute, even without a reason!

5:47 PM  

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