Monday, June 25, 2012

40 Weeks

Yup.  People say you're pregnant for nine months, but since there are approximately four weeks in a month, couldn't you argue that you're really pregnant for ten?  It sure feels like I've been pregnant forever, especially since I'm one of those lucky women who shows really early.  Here's my 40 week belly photo:

I've resorted to wearing dresses because most of my tops, even the maternity tee shirt that I bought in an XXL specifically because it was long, are too short to cover my belly now.  Seriously, it's like I'm Porky Pig wandering around here with my gut hanging out the bottom of my shirts.

You are welcome for that visual, btw.

Here's the list of things I should be doing:

1. Deep cleaning my house and checking things off the FIVE pages of lists that I made last week so we would not miss anything that needed to be done.

Here's the list of what I actually have been doing:

1.  Shopping.
2.  Eating.
3.  Sleeping
4.  Crafting.

Yeah.  It's like, I'm busy (ish) but busy with the wrong things.  For instance, yesterday was Sunday.  We could have knocked out a lot of my lists.  Instead, we slept in until noon, hung out doing nothing for a couple hours, went to Michael's to look at ribbon (they have FALL stuff out already!!!), went to Starbucks and hung out for an hour, dropped off some stuff at the Goodwill and decided to look around since we were there already, went to the Mongolian Grill for dinner, and then finally headed home at about seven.  My husband managed to weed whack the front yard before it got dark.  That's all that was accomplished.


For my part, I came home and got out the sewing machine.

I decided not to go the big wooden letters route for the baby's name over her crib, since it's temporarily in our room.  I was not about to go buy a Pack and Play for our room and have a crib in the kid's room when our house is so small.  That's silly and a waste of money!  So, we put the crib in our room, and when I am ready, we'll scoot it back across the house.  No biggie.

I wanted to put something on the wall above it though, and decided to do a little bunting with her name from some of the leftover fabric from burp cloth making.  The bedskirt on the crib is yellow and the sheets are green gingham (both from Pottery Barn Kids) so I picked all pink and green fabrics, tying them together with yellow bias tape at the top.  I used Steam A Seam to adhere the letters and then outlined them in Platinum Stickles.  It's simple and cute and most importantly, easy to move!

I put the pettiskirt up there because it's so dang pretty and it makes me happy every time I see it.

The other thing I made last night was binky clips.

It didn't take many times of Bubba launching his pacifier like a rocket from his mouth for me to realize how handy these things were!  No worrying about them falling on the floor and getting stuck without one with these.  I made them a bit differently than I did for Bubba. I think these came out a lot better.  Of course, I had to hand embroider them with her monogram too.  LOVE THEM, even though the stitching on my first one came out way wonky.

As for the sleeping part...

The past few days I've woken up with contractions.  I know that sounds exciting (contractions mean the baby will be here soon!  yay!)  but it's not.  They're strong enough to keep me from going back to sleep, but not strong enough that I can't walk or talk through them.  Also, they're between 10 to 30 minutes apart, which is nothing.  They have to be less than five minutes apart and hurt so bad that you can't walk or talk through them to count.  So, basically all they are is annoying.  They are robbing me of my morning sleep!

As a result, I'm tired ALL DAY.  I don't sleep at night, and now sleep is getting cut off from the other end as well.  I think I'm averaging 5 hours or so, which is totally lame.  Thankfully I have a child who can entertain himself quite well and doesn't take the first opportunity where I'm not being 100% vigilant to go destroy something.  Today, for example, I laid in bed and kind of dozed between contractions for a few hours (no real sleep, but better than nothing!) while he sat in bed next to me and played with his cars and the iPhone.  That's pretty awesome, and I'm so thankful for that.

Now, instead of dusting or cleaning the patio doors I think I'll go have a cookie or three with my boy.  :)

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Blogger Kat said...

you are seriously the craftiest person

5:52 AM  
Blogger Miss M said...

Hello Miss M from another Miss M :-) I recently started a blog called Blog By Miss M ( and just did a google search to see if there are others out there and found you. I'm 37 weeks pregnant myself and have the same problem; no top is long enough anymore to fit around the bump! All the best for your last days of pregnancy, unless you've actually already delivered in which case, congratulations! :-)

2:05 AM  

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