Saturday, June 16, 2012

Miss M, A to Z

I saw this on Jen's blog, and I since I have nothing else and haven't done an "About Me" meme in a long time... well.  Here you go.

Age - 34 (35 in August!  I'll have to check a different age category range on surveys now)
Bed size - Queen
Chore that you hate - hands down, dishes.  Ooh, and trimming my nemesis, the bougainvilleas.
Dogs - One giant Yorkie (14 lbs!)
Essential start to your day - Twitter/email/Draw Something/Instagram
Favorite colour - Pink, with green coming a close second
Gold or silver - Silver
Height - 5' 3 3/4" but I usually gift myself an extra 1/4 inch to make it an even number.
Instruments you play - Can I count the piano?  Even if I am still in the primer stage?
Job title - Homemaker.  Mom.
Kids - One boy and in a few days, one girl.  :)
Live - Sunny (gag) Chandler, AZ
Mother’s name - Rebecca
Nicknames - Phoenician, Feeky (only my husband calls me these), and once for six months, Bob. (story to follow)
Overnight hospital stays - Bubba's induction and subsequent c-section
Pet peeves - Stupid people, rude people (often the same really), people who don't listen to what you're saying because they assume you're not listening to what they're saying.  Okay, people in general who don't listen.  People who completely ignore their misbehaving children.  When someone I know swishes his spit in his mouth like it was mouthwash (gag)
Quote from a movie - None.  Not a quote gal I guess.
Right or left handed - Right
Siblings - two younger brothers
Television - It's summer!  Nothing is on!  I'm reduced to Pretty Little Liars and Masterchef
Underwear - Sports bras, because my regular ones stopped fitting and hurt and I'm too cheap to buy bras for just two or three months when I know the girls are just going to change all over again here soon.
Vegetable you hate - Cauliflower.  Anything that is the "wrong" color - for example, purple carrots or white asparagus.
What makes you run late - My husband
X-Rays - Dental, Chiropractor when I was 16 (my neck's bent the wrong way!  my spine is rotated halfway up!), Lungs when they thought I had pneumonia (turned out the shadow was not fluid in my lungs, but a boob - true story), knee when I fell at the hotel.
Yummy food that you make - Is it conceited to say most of it?  I think I'm a pretty good cook.
Zoo animal - Lion



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