Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Mom Bag

I am a mom, but I don't carry a "mom" bag.  You know the ones I'm talking about - they're huge and weigh about 40 lbs because they contain everything from kid snacks to toys to miniature first aid kits.  You need a tissue?  The Mom Bag contains about three packets of travel tissue, as well as various used ones scattered here and there.  You need a pen?  There's usually at least five, but only two will actually write.  You need a mint?  There's usually a couple covered in lint swimming around at the very bottom along with some pennies for company.  I'd suggest trying something from one of the three packs of gum that are probably in there instead.

(do a Google image search for MOM PURSE and you'll see what I mean)

Nope, I don't carry that kind of bag.  When Bubba was a baby, I carried a very nice, very large (for me at least) tote style diaper bag.  I carried it until he was about a year and a half, and then I switched out to a medium sized purse.  I still use that one when I want to go somewhere that I feel I'll need to pack distractions (like church) but for the past year or two, I mostly am back to small purses.  I find that a smaller purse and wallet makes me really focus on what I'm carrying so I'm not dragging a bunch of unnecessary junk with me everywhere I go.  Do I sometimes miss things?  Well, yeah, but not every often.  I know what my necessities are pretty much at this point in my life.

Here is what was in my purse the day before yesterday:

That little Kate Spade bag is about two inches deep, six inches tall and maybe a foot wide?  I'm guessing because I'm too lazy to actually get up and walk across the room to measure it.  My phone should be a good point of reference, I guess.  In it, I found the following:

*Half a pack of gum - EXCELLENT behavior bribe for the boy.  He will do just about ANYTHING for a piece of gum.  I only give him a third of a piece at a time though.
*Hello Kitty tin filled with Tums - pregnancy necessity.  Heartburn is EVIL.
*Benjamin Moore color sample - We're planning on painting our bedroom this weekend.  This color looked so good in my friend Dorie's house, but it's too dark in mine.  BOO.
*EOS lip balm - Love this stuff!
*Lipstick - I alternate.
*Two hair ties - Gotta have a back up!  I'll never be one of those women who can stand to wear them on her wrists. That bothers me so bad.
*A crochet hook - I know.  Random
*Lollipop wrapper - I had a OB appointment the day before, so I took a lollipop for the boy.  He gets it after I'm done for good behavior.
*Michael's gift card - a thank you from a friend
*Paint chip for paint sample - Benjamin Moore Hush.  Seriously, look how light that color is.  On my bedroom wall?  It's the color of very strong chocolate milk.  Weird.
*ATM receipt
*Wallet - Inside there is a credit card, a debit card, my ID, a couple of gift cards/punch cards, my husband's business card, insurance cards for me and the boy, and some Apache Helicopter temporary tattoos from when we went to the open house at Falcon Field.

That's it.  Sometimes if I know we'll be out for a while I'll toss a granola bar in there for Bubba, or his phone and headphones.  Occasionally I'll toss a small bottle of hand lotion in there too.  For the most part though, this is it.  Obviously I don't always carry paint samples or crochet hooks though.   ;P

When the girl is born, of course, all this will have to change.  I'll go back to my big diaper bag with lots of smaller organizers inside and it will be okay because all of that extra stuff will become necessary stuff.  I should probably go back and review what I used to carry with Bubba.  Hooray for blogs that become useful reference points!

So... what's in your bag?


Blogger Katy said...

I've always carried a larger purse, but hate diaper bags with a passion. In addition to what you have: It used to always have a book, now it usually has diapers and wipes, a couple toys, and more make-up. Also my wallet is ridiculously huge. Looks like I also have an (empty) fecal sample container for my cat right now. It's not too messy or cluttered.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

we have a "mom" backpack.

5:46 PM  

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