Tuesday, May 29, 2012

36 weeks

Home stretch, folks!  Only five more weeks until my c-section date.  My friend Suzy invited me to join her and her family that was visiting to see Taliesin West.  I've lived here practically all my life and have never been, can you believe it?  Here I am in the bathroom of the gift shop.  Just keeping it classy!  TECHNICALLY, I guess I'm 35 weeks, six days here.  Close enough.

This baby has definitely dropped.  Biggest sign?  I can breathe again!!!  I am not getting winded anywhere near as badly as I was before while doing simple tasks such as, oh, I don't know, getting dressed?  Walking to the bathroom?  Seriously - it's like I got a whole new set of lungs.

Also, my belly isn't quite so shelf-like.  It sort of slopes downward now instead of looking like it went straight out before.  This has resulted in it looking smaller - to me at least.  I don't feel quite as huge.  I can also feel that there is more pressure/weight in my pelvis now.

I had my ob appointment today.  I'm measuring a week ahead again, but in the past two weeks I've dropped  a pound.  She was like, who the heck DROPS a pound over a holiday weekend???  Especially in the third trimester, right?  I guess that would be me.  It's not like we went to any barbecues or parties.  We painted!

I'm not dilated at all, which is fine.  Like I said - I have four more weeks until I'm full term!  I'm not one of those "Get this baby out NOW at whatever cost!" mamas.  I'd rather her have plenty of opportunity to develop her brain and lungs in there all she can, even if it does mean I'm uncomfortable.  I've been uncomfortable this long - what's a few more weeks?  That being said though, I think I'm going to start trying some natural induction things (walking, primrose oil, s-e-x) at the end of the next week because I'd still rather have a VBAC than a c-section.  My OB will only allow me to attempt the VBAC if the baby comes before her due date.  If the natural stuff hasn't done anything by 39 1/2 weeks then I'll stop and wait for my surgery.

Overall, I'm feeling okay.  My heartburn is kinda out of control lately, and I have this strange rash over my belly button, but nothing major.  My sciatic nerve is bugging me off and on too, but again, not enough that it's a real problem.  I've started to have some mild contractions here and there.  They started with Bubba about this time too.  Baby's heartbeat is about 150 bpm and she's still pretty active.

I think this week we'll rearrange the furniture in our bedroom and move the crib in there.  I'm also supposed to be packing my hospital bag, but eh.  I have time.  I know more or less what I'll be needing this time around so I'm not worried.  I've started a list of freezer meals I'd like to make so that we can stock the freezer for her arrival.  We planned that poorly last time and ended up eating WAY too much fast food.

Home stretch!!!



Blogger Katy said...

Wow! For someone who's not living it, it seems like your pregnancy has gone fast! Good luck with the home stretch! At the end of mine the other natural solution I tried was making big pitchers of red raspberry leaf ice tea. Inducing AND hydration. Score.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Becky M said...

You are amazing! I'm impressed that you are comfortable carrying that belly around. Of course I'm the worst, whiniest preggo ever. :) I can't believe you are getting to the end already. Watch the moon cycles. Both mine came with the full moon before I was due. And the Labor floor was full, it's apparently a real thing.

12:53 PM  

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