Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 2010 Twelve of Twelve

Here are my twelve photos for February 12th!

Our healthy breakfast. I've really been in the mood for cold cereal lately, which means that the boy has been having it too. I have Chocolate Mini Wheats, Berry Berry Kix, and Fruity Pebbles in rotation currently. Bubba's a big fan of all of them, which I am sure is no shock. I had just watered this plant and it was sitting on the edge of the sink to drain before I set it back on the kitchen table again. You can just see the dog's water dish behind the box of cereal. We have to keep it up on the counter while the baby is awake because otherwise it becomes his personal splash pad.

After breakfast it was straight out to his table to play with his cars and trucks. The boy is truck crazy lately! He rolls them carefully along the table, in front of the television on the tv stand, and on the window sill. We bought him a little parking garage playset which he's also loving. You'll notice there is a computer mouse on the table - that is a car as well. Sometimes he'll make little pbbbblltttt noises to go with the cars. It's really cute.

He got these pencils for Christmas. He was standing next to me while I worked on a project at my scrapbook table, so I gave him these and a sheet of paper so he could draw.

He eventually got bored with drawing and wandered out of the craft room. A little while later I could hear him yelling at someone. I found him yelling at the neighbor out of the dining room window. He's very social sometimes!

We went through a TON of Carnation Instant Breakfast when I was pregnant. After a while we figured out that the canisters were a better deal than the packets and switched. The empty canisters were saved and covered with scrapbook paper. Now they sit in one of the Ikea Malm dressers in the living room and hold small toys. I took some photos of the contents and made labels for the tops.

This way, they're out of the way, but the baby can access them easily. I think it looks nicer too because there aren't toys strewn all about. That would drive me batty! He's getting better at picking things up and putting them back into the cans with a little prompting. He will also pick up the cans and place them back in the dresser, but that's pretty rare still.

I'm not a big fan of the traditional toy box where you just toss all the crap in one big, mixed up heap, if you can't tell.

For our snack today, we had some Black Diamond 5 year aged cheddar (SUPER sharp, SUPER yum) with some cracked pepper water crackers. Simple but delicious. That boy loves his stinky cheese!

The UPS man stopped by and brought us a package. My mother in law sent us a lovely box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. She even sent the good dark chocolates. Mmmm!

Our dog was stinky (I'll spare you the details) and got a MUCH needed bath. She wasn't particularly thrilled about it.

Afterwards, Bubba decided to have some playtime with his dad. He'll bring you a can so that you will hold it while he pulls off the lid with both hands. Usually what happens is that he opens the can and checks out the contents. If it's not his cars, he will go back for another can until he finds the one he wants. This is why I put the photos on the lids!

Working on the second to last dishcloth, and then I'll put them up on here for sale. You can look for those this week.

This was interesting. The baby was digging through the container with the alphabet blocks, and found one with a picture of a car on it. He picked it out and took it over to the table and then played with it like it was one of his cars! That reminded me that earlier, we were playing with one of the apps on my iPhone that has photo flash cards. Every time I'd pass a picture of either a car, truck, or van he would flip it back to that photo. It didn't matter the direction I was going either.

Like I said, the boy is REALLY into cars right now. The little green one came with his parking garage and is the current favorite. I was thinking about getting a few more, but he doesn't really need them. The construction vehicles are just too cute! I'll definitely be replacing the plastic ones with the wooden ones though if the need ever arises.

We've been renting Mad Men on dvd. I know we're behind the rest of the world on this one! We're halfway through season two. I want a shirtwaist dress with a gigantic crinoline now. Bad. Even if it will make me look like the Hindenburg. They're so pretty and girly.

And that was my day. Off to bed now!

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Blogger Christy said...

Very cool photos. I love seeing what small boys are up to. My boys are school aged now. I miss the car stage. So, what are you going to do with these photos? Scrapbook page? On a side note, your blog looks fantastic, love the cherries!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

great pix Sarah! Always love your narratives as well!!! WOOT WOOT...!

9:23 AM  
Blogger Hooptee said...

Love the toy storage idea. Very cute.

Samantha is into cars also,she can push them around for the longest time. It must be the age.

btw - we do the same thing with TV series. Haven't watched Mad men yet, might have to add that to the list! We are in the middle of the United States of Tara and it's pretty awesome.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Maggi said...

I've been wanting a shirtwaist dress, too. Hoping to eventually find a vintage pattern that will fit me, and conquer my fear of the sewing machine. :)

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by this 12 of 12 thing. I know, I'm slow on this blogging stuff. I'm slog.
Okay, um, I'm going to try this... next month. :)

11:03 AM  

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