Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Rest of Halloween

Like I was saying before, I'm a woman of contrasts. For Halloween this year I did all the wholesome family fun stuff with my husband and the baby. However, once evening hit, I got to have my grown up Halloween too!

This is my friend Brittney:

I'm pretty sure I've posted here about Brittney before. Anyway, Brittney has a favorite dress:

So, I borrowed Brittney's dress, and one of her old wigs, and for Halloween I was...

Brittney! HA HA HA! Only less tall, of course. Here I am getting ready.

I don't think I'd look very good bald.

Here we are before we left the house. I did her makeup, as usual.

And here I am with my friend, the prom queen. We love our tiaras.

We met up with a couple of their friends at a pub in Phoenix.

Check out the guy behind them. He was dressed up as a character from a video game called Gears of War and his costume lit up and everything!

We hung out with the owner for a bit on the patio. He does a GREAT Cowardly Lion impression and asked us for our feedback on the costume contest. He was trying to pick the top three. It was hard because there were a lot of awesome costumes there! On our end of town, costumes are all store bought and pretty slutty, but here there were a lot of handmade and very creative ones. For example:

Sassy Prom Queen (okay had to toss that in there),

"Auto-erotic Death,"

three decapitated surgeons (pretty sure they won the contest),

The Queen of Hearts (the Mad Hatter was around somewhere too),

and a big scary demon, among others.

Brittney and Amber

Doing my best Brittney pose leaving the pub.

Since Brittney and Amber both had drinks with dinner, I drove to our next destination. I not only had to move the seat waaaaay forward, we had to move it up as well so I could see over the steering wheel. Brittney is uh, kinda tall.

The next destination was the tranny bar. Oh, how I love that place! We saw a lot of stuff like this:

Yes, that's a man, and yes, I'm terribly jealous.

Hanging with Brittney. You can see how my hair wasn't entirely covered by the wig. Those things freaking HURT. It's like having a giant rubberband around your head all night. I was really glad when I was able to take it off finally!
We met up with Monica, who was dressed up as a nurse as well. She wanted to take some pictures.

She's pretty dang funny, and by the time we left there, she was also pretty dang drunk. She gave us a hands on lesson (literally, if you catch my drift) on how exactly one "tucks." Yes, there are photos. No, I am not posting them here! LOL!

We had a late meal at Denny's afterwards, where we got to see even more amazing and creative costumes, and then finally headed home at like 3:30 in the morning.

And that was Halloween!

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Blogger Colleen said...

Miss M, You crack me up. Thanks for being so real.AND P.S. I have often noticed that most guys have a nice ass, its just not fair to us girls! But we win in the end...they wish they had tits, so really - we are the lucky ones :)

11:21 AM  

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