Friday, February 20, 2009

365 and First "Solids"

First off - my Project 365 layouts for last week.

When I first started this, I would place the photo for the day into the template every night before I went to bed. This took about ten minutes, if you included journaling, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Lately, however, I've been lazy and not getting around to it. Like so many other things, I guess. This leaves me at the end of the week going CRAP! Did I take all my photos? I thought I did? Where is the photo for this day? (because I am really good at keeping my memory cards cleaned off and photos sorted)
Then I end up wasting almost two hours trying to get it all together. BLAH. I seriously thought I didn't have a photo for Friday, but luckily at the last minute I remembered that I had made cupcakes that day. PHEW!
I posted on Wednesday about how the baby had been cleared to start solids. I think it's funny that they call it that, because "runny mush" isn't really all that solid, if you ask me! The pediatrician said to start with just one tablespoon of rice cereal mixed with enough milk to make it a thin consistency. I was thinking, "Wow, that's not very much!". Well, it turns out it's actually quite a bit, especially for a first attempt.
(not happy, unwilling to hold still for the camera baby)
Let's just say it didn't go well and most of that got washed down the drain. I ended up with one bucking, head swiveling, lip clamping shut, irritated baby. It's interesting how the child wants to stick EVERYTHING in his mouth, except of course, a spoon with rice cereal on the end of it!
So, the next day, we had "spoon practice."

I gave him the spoon and just let him play with it. Eventually, it ended up here:

(wiggly baby)
Success! I'd also take the spoon, wave it around so he would look at the thing, and then stick it into his mouth. Then I'd cheer and make a fuss. Eventually, we got to the point where he would actually open his mouth for it. Hooray! I was sure that day's attempt would be WAY smoother. He was opening his mouth! He was letting me stick the spoon in there! WOOT!
And then it came time to feed him and those little lips were clamped shut tighter than Fort Knox. *sigh* I got ONE good spoonfull in there though, which is one more than the night before, and in my book, that's PROGRESS, BABY! Yeah!
Let's see how tonight's attempt goes.

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Blogger Zee said...

Great thinking with the spoon play girl! Isn't the whole in the mouth thing funny! Hehehe.

I also want to say that I am proud of you and a wee bit envious of your 365 ability. I so want to do this but after a few weeks it would be lost. I have still never done a baby album. First word? First bath? First step? I am the worst scrap mom ever!

But I do check my blog for this info when needed, sometimes I actually get smart enough to jot it on there.

11:14 PM  
Blogger KarenSue said...

just LOVE the family pic for Valentines!

9:08 AM  

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