Friday, September 12, 2008

Frustrated - Caution: EPIC bitchfest ahead

I don't know if I'm just having a run of bad luck here, or if the hormonal crankies are setting in and making me clumsy, or WHAT, but the past couple of days has been ROUGH.

First, my navel piercing, which I've have for 8 1/2 years by the way, is infected. Seriously? How does that happen to a flipping HEALED piercing? I was able to get into the doctor, who confirmed that it was infected and gave me a prescription for antibiotics and directions to clean it with a salt water solution. Let me tell you how good it feels to put SALT on an open wound... on the other hand, I bet you can guess.

Next, I have to wonder WHY ON EARTH does UPS bother giving you tracking info if it's not accurate? We were waiting for our crib mattress and mattress pads to arrive, and the tracking info said the pads would arrive on the 11th, and the mattress on the 16th. This means that I'm thinking it's completely safe to go run errands on the 1oth. Nope. I get home to a note saying they're sorry they missed me and the package was too big to leave in the office. I'm confused, because I know the big package isn't scheduled to be delivered until Monday, and I verified it by checking the tracking again.

So, since I have to go to the doctor on Thursday, I get to talk my husband into staying home that morning so we don't miss it again. Thank goodness he can telecommute! Sure enough, it was the mattress, and while I'm happy to have it early, I wish UPS would make the tracking accurate. Isn't that what it's FOR???

Oh, and when I got up in the morning and rolled over to smack the snooze button on my alarm clock, the room started to spin - you know, like I had gone out on a bender or something the night before. Which I hadn't, of course. Kinda freaked me out. All morning long I felt woozy and light headed, so I asked about it while at the OB's office. She said I'm not eating enough protein. I said because it grosses me out right now. Basically, she told me tough, go have a burger. BLECH!

When I got home I decided to finally work on some of my baby projects. First up - that last burp cloth. That's right folks. I made eleven burp cloths and somehow my will petered out by the last one. It's been sitting on the ironing board in my craft room for weeks, waiting for some long overdue love. I went ahead and ironed everything (I decided the worst part of sewing anything was all the freaking ironing), cut out the little alligator from felt that I was going to attach to the front, put the fabric in the embroidery hoop and then - no brown embroidery floss. I've got a bajillion colors of this crap, and not one bobbin of brown, in ANY shade. So much for that plan!

I get out the Seahawks blanket next. After I screwed it up the first time, I took it apart, put the batting in the right spot so it would be BETWEEN the layers of fabric and not on the outside, re-pinned everything - and then left it. It's been sitting folded up on my chair for a couple of weeks now, which is absolutely ridiculous becuase it would only take 5-10 minutes to stitch around the edge of that stupid thing. I finally decided to just get it done, sewed it, trimmed the seams and corners, turned it inside out triumphantly... and saw that I pinned it with the WRONG SIDE of the Seahawk fabric facing out. GRRR!!!! Now I have to do it all over AGAIN! I balled it up and tossed it in the corner. Too mad to think about it at that point.

The next project on the list was an altered clipboard to hold the diaper log (this is something new I learned, who knew you had to literally track this crap?) for the baby. I start off by painting it, and the brush I used was sick or something and just was leaving bristles all over. It's not new or anything, I know I've used it before. If it had done this previously I would have tossed it, so I'm not sure what happened there.

I get a call from the pharmacy, and the guy is like, "Yeah, we have this prescription here for your prenatal vitamins and we've had it for DAYS and if you don't pick it up we're putting it back in stock". I told him how was I supposed to know it was in? No one called and told me! He says "we don't do that". I said look. I called in my prescription, went to get it, and was told you were out, but you gave me your last five pills and I could get the rest in a couple of days. I took those five pills and went back for the rest, and was told that you were STILL OUT, but you gave me a manufacturer sample that had three pills and told me YOU WOULD CALL ME. Now you're telling me that my prescription has been filled for DAYS, but it's only been two days since I was in last.

He says, "oh, yeah, I remember that now... anyway, you still want them?" Yes, you moron. I still want them. Sheesh.

I have a friend over for dinner and I make sushi - California rolls and Tamago. The rice balls for my Tamago would NOT hold together and just fell apart in my hands when I tried topping them with the omelet and wrapping them with the seaweed. Then I RAN OUT of flipping seaweed altogether and had to send my poor husband to the store to get more. He also had to get some soy sauce, since we were almost out of that, and he accidentally got regular instead of low sodium. I really didn't think it would make a difference until I started eating it. Holy crap is that stuff salty! I hadn't realized that I've ONLY had low sodium soy sauce for the past few years, even in restaurants. Learn something every day. I could barely eat the stuff.

We go into the scraproom to work on some invitations for a barbecue we're having with another friend. I find that the battery on the laptop has died while I was making/eating dinner, so I put it on the charger. Apparently, the fact that I let precious here die pissed her off, so she started to run REALLY slow. I went to print the text for the invitations, and even though the command was sent to the printer, 45 minutes later it STILL hadn't spit out my three sheets of paper. Also, I was going to use the leftover green cardstock from my baby announcements as the backing for these. I bought a package of 25 sheets, and only used half, so I knew I had a bunch. Yeah, it was nowhere to be found. We looked EVERYWHERE.

To kill time (and a craving, I'll be honest) we decided to go have some ice cream. I pull it out of the freezer, and something is obviously wrong with it. I asked my husband what happened to the ice cream, and he says oh, maybe the top melted a little then refroze. I told him it looked like it had been left on the counter to melt completely and then was refrozen. He said huh, maybe that's what happened.


Let me add to this, we own an ice cream maker. He's SEEN me make ice cream. We've watched Alton Brown make ice cream on television several times. He knows you can't just freeze it, that it needs to be churned. He knows about ice crystals and how they affect flavor. All this, and he seriously didn't think I'd notice he'd ruined a half carton of $6 Dreyers. He's eating it, that's all I have to say about that, because I sure as hell am not eating it!

So we go back in the other room, and the pages still have not printed. It's getting late, so she has to go home, and the computer took it's sweet time rebooting. I figure I'll work on them later, since they're pretty simple.

I decide to have a salty snack and my husband mentions he bought a bag of shrimp chips when he picked up the nori for the sushi. SWEET! I haven't had those in ages, and once he suggested them, my pregnant self got very excited.

Except the bag had a hole in the back and they were stale and inedible. I could have cried. Had popcorn and grapes instead.

My sweet husband who is trying his best to keep me uncranky these days (he's trying!) stopped by Michaels on the way home from work to grab brown embroidery floss so I could do that damn burp cloth. By this point, I'm thinking the crafty gods of the universe are trying to tell me to just stop already, but I don't listen, being me and all. I'm kinda pissed that I worked all afternoon and pretty much had nothing to show for it, you know?

Yeah, I managed to stab my belly pretty hard with the sewing needle.

I go to bed, thinking DONE! Tomorrow will be BETTER! and then I wake up this morning (okay, almost afternoon) to a couch that the FLIPPING DOG PEED ON!!! WHY? WHY? Why would she pee on the couch? Wasnt' the carpet good enough for her anymore? I can clean the carpet... maybe she figured that out?

No, she peed on the couch. My light tan twill couch with foam cushions. By the time I found it, it was almost dry. It had soaked through to the foam. How the hell does one clean that? Is it even possible? It's also on the arm. It's so gross, I don't know what to do. I can pull off the cover of the cushion and wash that, but if it's still in the foam, it's not truly clean. I'm so mad at her it's not even funny.

I called my husband and (hopefully) asked if he had maybe spilled something on there, and he said no. I didn't get why she would pee on the couch, especially since I heard him take them out this morning. He says oh, well, Gidget was nowhere to be found... which means she had been holding it all night.

I'm just so grouchy and frustrated and discouraged with EVERYTHING right now. I just want to go back to bed and cry, because it feels like WHAT is the flipping POINT, you know?

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Blogger Felicia said...

You poor should just cry...let it all out. It always makes me feel better.

4:30 PM  
Blogger kingsqueen said...

omgosh! I feel so bad for you right now. I seriously would have just sat right down and the floor and had a crying fit. Go ahead and have a good cry. Man, you had a truly awful day(s?) Even if you WEREN'T pregnant, that would suck, but being miserable on top of it...big hugs to you right now. I really hope your weekend goes smooth and perfect after this!

7:33 PM  
Blogger emily said...

Oh. I hope your day got better! I second the idea of having a good cry - that always feels better after. Take care :)

5:01 PM  
Blogger Sylvia said...

I was having a rough couple of weeks and one morning my husband gave me a look that just made me fly off the handle. I had a HUGE meltdown. He really freaked out, but I've felt so much more relaxed ever since. Sometime you just need to have a cry.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I found your blog on 2 peas. I'm sorry you are having a rough time right now. I wanted to let you know that Nature's Miracle is a godsend product for dog pee. You pour it on your couch and let it air dry it gets rid of the pee and the stain. A neighbor kid locked his cat in our trailer one day and by the time I found out the cat had been in there several days and peed all over the bed. This stuff seriously saved our bed.
Hope you are having better days. Hugs!

3:46 PM  
Blogger Hooptee said...

Aww! You poor thing. Go take a nap! I'm feeling you frustration too. And my poor husband walks around me on eggshells! This is the homestretch, you can do it.

7:27 AM  

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