Monday, September 08, 2008

New baby gear in the house!

Today my husband's team from work took us out to lunch. We went to Macaroni Grill, and it was SO good. We're really lucky that not only does he have a good job, but he works with good people too. I guess that's how he's managed to stay there so long.

It was a Congratulations on your New Critter kinda party, so there was cake and presents! Who doesn't like cake and presents? The group bought us this:

I'm really excited about this, because I was reading articles about what mom's considered the most useful baby gear items, and the swing was mentioned again and again. We registered for this one because it's small, and you can take it places if you need to do so. We're trying to limit what we bring into the house so it's not overrun with baby stuff, and this passes the test. So cool. I really want to take it out of the box and put it together, but I'm trying to restrain myself!

We also got this:

When I was looking online for baby nursery ideas, this mobile was the one that I used as my inspiration piece. I loved the cute little stuffed frogs, the blue and yellow on the canopy, the little crown on the music box. The wallpaper border is actually from the same line, and that's what we drew the blue from for the wall. I planned on buying this item originally, but lately I was wondering if I should skip it. Now I don't have to, because one of my husband's lovely coworkers got it for Bubba! It's so stinking cute, and I'm so happy to have it in there now.

My husband's boss also got some of the cutest little outfits, including teeny little striped socks. There was also another hooded towel in there, which I'm sure will come in handy, and a little blue dog on a clip for Sawyer to pull.

I think I'll make them some cupcakes or a cake or something to thank them. Maybe cookies? We'll see what I'm in the mood to do tomorrow.

This past weekend, we finally got around to buying our carseat. The one we picked out is pretty, without being girly. It's dark gray, so it matches our pretty new SUV's interior. It has details in "my" shade of green. It has a headrest and a little snuggly foot cover. It's perfect!

Unfortunately, apparently everyone else thought so too! W e got to Babies R Us and while they had stacks and stacks of boxes containing every other model of carseat they carried, the ONE that was completely sold out was... the one we wanted. Of course. We had the nice sales associate call around, and ended up having to drive out to flipping AJ to buy one. We got a little mirror to hang on the headrest while we were at it.

In resisting putting together the swing, I caved and cracked open the carseat box. I'm reading the owner's manual. I played with it, the snaps and the canopy and the handle. I checked out the leveler on the side. I pulled the "cold weather boot" on and off. I practiced walking around with it. It seemed a little unwieldy, but not too bad. My husband pointed out it would be heavier with a baby inside.

Oh yeah huh. What did I have laying around that was baby sized?

Don't worry, she just had a bath and is pretty clean, I SWEAR. She's also a really good sport and let me carry her around for a minute. The verdict - holy freaking CRAP was it heavy! We'll definitely be getting that stroller frame for this bad boy! Even my husband thought it was heavy.

Next I think I'll use her as a stand-in to practice with the Hotsling.

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Blogger em said...

HAHAHAHA! I love it! :)

4:15 AM  
Blogger kingsqueen said...

That's so funny that you used your dog as a "stand in baby"! LOL
Yes, those things are heavy and awkward to carry. The stroller does come in handy, although you won't be using it everywhere. But it IS nice to be able to set the baby down. Those things come in SO handy. I don't know what women did before they made these! LOL
You were right to get it out now though. You really need to go ahead and put it in your car and make sure it fits and make sure you have it installed correctly, and all that. Plus, if little Sawyer makes his entrance early you are prepared! I'm so glad I got mine in when I did because my little one came three weeks early.

6:11 AM  
Blogger Sweet Simplicity said...

I cannot believe she stayed in that thing long enough for you to get a picture--too FUNNY! I am laughing out loud, right now!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

Getting ready in these last weeks must be fun -- part of the nesting process, I guess. That picture of your wee pup in the carseat is hilarious.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Hooptee said...

LMAO! Your poor puppy!! That's a riot.

You got some great stuff, that was so nice of your husbands work! I wanted to pass on a tip I learned from my BIL about car seats. To make it easier to get the baby in and out, put some velcro on the straps so they can be stuck to the sides. Then you can put the baby in without having to dig under him/her to find the straps! I thought it was pretty ingenious.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Oh my WORD I laughed SO hard at that picture of your dog. Ohhhh, hahahaha!!!! Thanks for the laugh.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Miss Anne said...

LOVE your blog! :) Your pooch is ADORABLE!

ok... so ? for you... how do you get all of your great blog headers? I'm in dire need of a new one, and dont know where to start!

heads up?

11:33 AM  

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