Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Today, I am a new woman!

No, I didn't join a cult. Well, then again, maybe I did.


Today, one year, seven months, and twenty three days AFTER I got married, I finally changed my name. LEGALLY!!!

Sure, I have it splashed all over credit cards and email addresses, but I never actually got around to going to the social security office to make it official. I am shocked at how easy it is to get things in names other than your own! No one even wondered why my driver's licence had a different name. Kinda makes me feel secure and like I look trustworthy or something I guess. Right.

Anyway, I hope I never have to go back to that place again. Talk about depressing. First of all, it's a big place, and 90% of the entrances are marked "Employees Only" but there are no directions to the public entrance. Then you open the door and you are greeted by two burly officers who demand to ransack your purse. You are then directed to take that camera phone back to your car!!! Like there was even anything in there remotely worth taking pics of. Well, except some FUGLY outfits I could have sent to www.honeyno.com, but I digress.

So then I had to fill out a form, which sent me into a panic because I didn't know my mother's social security number (I am pretty sure my dad didn't have one, but hey, you never know) then I had to stand in line FOREVER (at least at the DMV you get to sit while you wait!!!) and wait for my turn. I saw some interesting folks there, let me tell you. I finally got to the front of the line and the friend I dragged with me for company says hey, that window is open so we wander over. The lady in there was like "I am only helping THAT line over there!" Yeah, that's right, only TWO windows for the whole huge line and one where people didn't have to wait. That's fair. Thanks for getting me in trouble with the SS lady dude. Sheesh.

So I get up there and the chick at the window asks for my documents. I give her my marriage certificate, my driver's license, and my application. She says she needs my SS card too.

See, this is what pisses me off. I CALLED to see what I needed to bring and I was specifically told I didn't need it. Dang bureaucracy!!!

Turns out I didn't need it, she just wanted to confiscate it from me! HA! It's all mine now, IN YOUR FACE!!! What does she think, I am gonna go sell it on Ebay? Hmm. There's a thought... Nah.

Interesting fact: I discovered that my father's middle initial was L. I asked her why she put that on there, since I had left it blank, and she was like, I didn't, it was already on your account. So my mom must have done that when I was a baby. I wonder what it stands for. It did make me glad though that I decided to keep my maiden name as my middle name. It kind of honors his memory, even though I don't really have many of him.

So, on Thursday, I get to go hang out at the DMV and get a new driver's license!!! I know I will be getting a photo taken because I will have to resign my name. I haven't told Brad yet, I want to surprise him. I figured that since I have to notify the DMV that I am moving and get a new license anyway, I might as well get off my ass and change my name. It's not like I was sooooo busy with work today that I couldn't do it, ha ha ha. I guess I will even shower and comb my hair that day. With a soap! And a comb! Just kidding!

But still. I wouldn't wish the pale green pallor that is the Social Security office on anyone. *SHUDDER!*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heehee! I send people to the SS office all the time for the hiring we do. Does not make me very popular.


6:59 PM  

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