Saturday, May 14, 2005


Talk about your crap-assy days... Today, I quit my job. And I cried, I mean bawled, all the way home.

My boss, excuse me, EX-boss, is a headcase. She lies, bends the truth to suit her own means, and is just a bad person.

Two weeks ago, I did a bad thing. I participated in a little bit of the good old fashioned INSUBORDINATION. Now, I have never been a fan of this particular word. I don't feel that it is fair that one person can shit on another simply because they are higher up on whatever stupid ladder (or high horse, ha ha) is involved. People are PEOPLE, no matter what their position, and should be treated as such within reason. At least I think so.

On the night in question, I was given a memo from the corporate office by the Lead Associate at my store, Jessica. It said that a count was needed of Making Memories class kits as well as a response to the KI email. I told her that the Events Specialist Kelly was supposed to keep track of the class kits, as the Assistant Manager and I had discussed that on a previous occasion. Furthermore, I didn’t even know what the KI email was referring to. The Jessica told me that my manager, Kat, had directed me to do it, so I told her that I would speak to Kat. I walked back to the crop area and explained to Kat that keeping track of class kits was Kelly's per the Assistant Manager, and also that I was not aware of the KI email that the memo referred to. She said fine, if I was not going to do it then to get Heather (another instructor) to do it. I said okay and went and gave the memo to Heather and explained it to her. Heather said No, she was not going to do that. I said okay, and went to tell my manager, who had emerged from the classroom, that Heather said that she was not going to count the kits either. Kat then proceeded to say that I needed to count the kits. I asked why I had to do it if it was Kelly's job. Heather came over and said that she would just do it if we were going to make a big deal about it. Kat said no, that she wanted SARA to do it in a loud voice and shoved the memo towards me. I asked once again why I had to do it and she said because she said that she wanted me to do it.

Now, let's give everyone a little background, shall we? Prior to this incident, I had expressed interest in the Events Specialist position at the Chandler store when it opened. Kat has used my desire for this promotion against me on several occasions. She would tell me on one day that our Director of Operations was not allowing any transfers between stores, that I was welcome to apply for a position but that if she were me that she would not hold her breath, that she had met the new manager of the Chandler store and that she did not think that I would like her very much, and other such unprofessional observations, but then when she needed me to come in on my day off or to volunteer for a job that no one else wanted to do(i.e. do a make & take at a resort crop because the Kelly refused to go) that I needed to “shine” if I wanted that Event Specialist position in Chandler. One day it would be that whether I got the position or not would be up to the Director of Operations, one day it would be up to the new manager at the Chandler store (who, incidentally, I LOVED!) and one day it wouldn’t even be worth discussing because no transfers would be allowed. I have even gone as far as to request that my manager allow me to shadow the Event Specialist at Scottsdale so that I would be a better candidate for the position, and also since Kelly was in the Guard, there would be able to be someone to perform backup for her if she got called to duty. Unfortunately, that never happened even though Kat agreed that it was a good idea and also since at my 90 day review I had been instructed to take more initiative toward leadership positions.

Now, I also need to share with you, that the Events Specialist at the Scottsdale store consistently does not perform all of the duties listed on her job description. She was a friend of Kat's before her hire at the Scottsdale store and receives no retribution for not doing her job. Instead, her duties are assigned at the last minute to other associates, including the Assistant Manager as well as myself. Kat simply used the excuse that I need to “step up to the plate” and learn Kelly's duties if I wanted the position at the Chandler Store. Of course, me being the eager monkey that I am, I would jump to do whatever was needed. These duties included writing the monthly calendar on the white board, updating class samples on the class board, updating the monthly contest board, confirming catering for crops, putting together goodie bags for crops, and putting together door prizes for crops. I also coordinated projects for private parties and groups and conducted the lessons when Kelly proved that she was painfully unable to do handle them with our first girl scout troop, hee hee hee!

So back to my "incident". The Lead Assistant was standing behind Kat when I told her that I would not count the kits. She asked whether I wanted the Event Specialist position or not, and Kat said yeah, don’t you want to be an Event Specialist? I was so fed up at this point with the whole situation. I proceeded to inform Kat that it was not fair to continuously use that against me when it was convenient for her desires and then to change her story the next day. She claimed that she did not know what I was talking about and I proceeded to give her examples. She stated that she didn’t see what the “big deal” was as it would only take “a few minutes”. I told her that no, it would not take only a few minutes, it would take at least an hour or two, as I could not reach the boxes on the top shelves and I would have to get the ladder and drag it around. Jessica volunteered to get the boxes down from the top shelf for me, but I refused her offer, as I did not plan on performing the task either way. Kat asked why, and I again reiterated that I felt that she was taking advantage of me by requiring me to perform duties that she paid her friend way more than me (25% more!!!) to perform. I told her that I would no longer stand for it. She proceeded to take the memo and retreat to her office.

Now, I know that what I did was INSUBORDINATION, plain and simple. There is no denying that. I was perfectly capable of counting kits. But it was the principle of the matter. I knew that I had to tell the manager of the Chandler store what had happened with Kat. I knew that Kat would probably call our Director of operations and snitch on what a bad girl I had been. The thing is, I knew that the manager at Chandler was on vacation that week in Disneyland with her family. How tacky would it be if I called her and interrupted her family vacation to whine about my boss? I decided to wait until Monday.

Bad move, apparently. When I finally was able to speak with her, she told me that she had heard about the incident. I figured that Kat had called the Director of Operations, and that he in turn had called the manager of the Chandler store. Oh no, my friends. You guessed it... that COW called her on VACATION to snitch on me in PERSON!!!

I could see if I was a slacker and didn't contribute to my store. I could see if I always acted like a complete ass and refused to do what I was told. But the thing is, I always performed above expectations for this store. I volunteered for jobs that no one else wanted to do, I took initiative in planning classes and I worked hard to sell both classes and products to ensure store success. I have worked hard since the day I was hired with the intention of one day being able to move forward in the company and obtain a full time position with increased pay. I feel that Kat was doing everything in her power to pigeonhole me into this position because I have been a successful instructor for her store to date and she did not want to lose me to the Chandler store. The Chandler store is only going to be 4 blocks from where we are moving, and therefore waaaaay more convenient for me. That was initially the only reason I wanted to transfer, well, that and the promotion. Honestly, I would have transferred without it though.

I resent the fact that the Event Specialist could tell the Manager and the Assistant Manager that she will perform a task and simply not do it, and get no disciplinary action, but when I refuse to allow Kat to continuously take advantage of my emotions I get put on a final written notice. Also, I was not the only associate who refused to perform the requested task, since the other Instructor refused to do it also, but I was the only one who was put on final written notice.

Furthermore, she did not talk to me AT ALL about the incident for TWO WEEKS after it happened. I finally confronted her about it, and all she could keep saying was that she should have fired me. I asked why she didn't and she said that her boss at the corporate office told her that there was no excuse, the disciplinary action for INSUBORDINATION was termination and she said no, she was not willing to fire me. (Funny, wouldn't THAT be INSUBORDINATION???) She said it like she was doing me a favor. I told her that the way I saw it, that she had a choice, to fire me or not fire me but if she chose not to fire me that she couldn't lord it over me forever that she should have fired me, you know?

I also found out that her glowing "recommendation" of me to the manager of the Chandler store consisted of the Chandler manager asking Kat if she thought I was ready for the Event Specialist position, and Kat replying that she "didn't know" if I was ready. Dang, I wonder why she didn't hire me on the spot?

Anyway, I am like, totally unemployed now. This sucks, since we are planning on moving in one week and one day. I need a JOB! I need MONEY!!! *sigh* Some days, it's really hard to be me. How ironic that this morning I was telling my little brother about how lucky I was to have a job doing what I love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, this totally sucks. You were awesome at your job and she is just oblivious to it.

sorry. is there a LSS you could apply at? Do your town have an Archiver's?


7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a freakin' crapload of idiots! I'm so sorry they were screwing with you. I know it might sound flip, but I honestly believe something even better must be around the corner for you.

Hang in there!!

6:55 PM  

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