Thursday, May 19, 2005

Oh, the exciting life I lead!

Today, I did a whole lot of NOTHING!!!

Sometimes, it's really fun to be unemployed. But don't tell my husband that!

I slept in really late with the dogs. For breakfast/lunch I had a Totino's Party Pizza. I'll tell you, I don't know what it is about those things, but I LOVE them. I would rather eat those than Papa Johns or Oreganos or any other kind of Pizza! Well, maybe not instead of Slices Potato Bacon Cheddar pizza, but that's rather different, I think. And they frequently go on sale 10 for $10!!!

I checked my phone to see if I had any missed calls. I've been sleeping with it by my bed, in case the Director of Operations calls while I am sleeping, but last night I forgot. I saw I had a call from one of my friends, so I called her back. She was waiting for her plane to go to New Hampshire to teach at a convention. I chatted with her a bit, then set the phone down on the coffee table so I could rescue my pizza from the oven.

I remembered that I hadn't finished my cute little "We've Moved!" cards that I was working on, so I got to work hammering in eyelets and flattening staple backs with my cute little hammer. After about 30 minutes of working on this, I remembered that I left my phone in the other room. I go and checked it, and damned if the stupid thing wasn't blinking away, telling me I missed a call! Guess who it was? Grrr!

He left me a nice message and said he would try me later. Can you believe that rotten luck? I am so pissed at myself that I left it in the other room and couldn't hear it over the hammering.

Anyway, I then proceeded to sit on my butt in front of the computer for a few hours. I got caught up on Scrappetite, 2 peas, and Yorkie Talk. I had the grand idea of dressing up the dog when I came across a baby tee shirt. I thought it was a bit too plain so I decided to spruce it up a bit. I had this special paper that you can use to make transfers with an ink jet printer that I decided to try out. It wasn't the clearest image when I rubbed it on, but I just went over it with a Sharpie and it was fine. Gotta love a Sharpie!

Now that Gidget was sporting a cute shirt, I decided to take some pics of her. Then the camera batteries died, so that was lame. I checked 2 peas again and another friend called. He asked if I was still in bed or if I was up and dressed. Seeing as how I was wearing a tee shirt and underpants, I told him that I was halfway between the two. He said to put on some pants then and let him in. He knows me so well, ha ha.

We chatted a bit, then my husband (patient, sweet husband) came home. Friend left after a bit, and I had Lean Cuisine for dinner and he had The Blue Box (yuck). I am SUCH a good housewife, I swear.

I just had a bowl of cereal for a late dessert, and I am sitting here with the dog on my lap. She's so stinking sweet, I love her to death. She is the best thing that came out of that job, I think.

Tomorrow... the DMV. I am thinking of taking a notepad to take notes on what/who I see.


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