Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project Life Layouts

I don't really take a lot of photos.  Not a lot to add this week, besides my 12 of 12 layout.  Here's the first one:

Just a general hodge podge of stuff that happened over the course of the week.  THIS is why I like this project.  If I had done a separate layout for each of these items, it would have been about SIX pages!  Well, probably not, because I wouldn't have documented Bubba being a couch potato or what Brad made for dinner that night.  But here, I can add those little details that would otherwise be lost.  I mean, come on.  How cute is it that my son likes to stick the stickers from his clementines on my forehead?

There's a big empty spot in the middle because I'm an airhead and forgot to add the ultrasound photo to the ones to be printed.  Did you know they give you a cd of images now when you get an ultrasound instead of just that strip of heat images?  So cool.

I busted out my old Royal to type the labels on these, as well as the journaling.  When I took my Olivetti in for repair this week I mentioned it to the man in the repair shop.  He asked why I didn't use it, and I told him it was because I thought it was too nice and I was scared to mess it up.  He told me that was silly, and those machines could take a beating!  He encouraged me to use it, so I did.

I don't know HOW anyone ever wrote books on those things.  Holy clumsy and slow.  Also, I can't find the exclamation point because there is no number one key.  I also noticed that the ribbon doesn't advance, so eventually the Royal will be headed to the repair shop too I guess for a tune up.  I am excited to get the Olivetti back though because it's small  and cute and will sit nicely on my desk compared to the beast that is the Royal.  He said he may not even be able to  repair it though, so we will have to see.  I just think it will be perfect to type journaling for these little cards.

The journaling cards are my own design.  The days of the week card is part of this set:

and the notebook lined ones with the red label are here:

Just bop on over to my Facebook page and click LIKE if you haven't already to access the links for free download.  You are welcome to download them for your own personal use, but please don't try to sell them or redistribute.  You know.

My second layout.  Yup, I took every photo I took of those baby dressed, cropped them to size in Photoshop, and made them into a layout.  It's so awesome to see them all on one page like this!  The journaling card is my own design also (will post that with my next PL post), and I wrote the text with the awesome green pen I scammed from my friend D'Arcy at knitting club last night.

All the photos are 2" x 3" which means I got four of them on one standard 4" x 6" print.  The title was done in Photoshop and just printed along with the rest of them.  I did notice that Walgreens was printing my photos a lot darker than they appeared on my computer and in my camera, so I bumped up the brightness on these and bumped the contrast down a bit.  That seemed to solve the problem because they all came out bright and beautiful!

Hooray for two more pages in my book.  :)

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Blogger Jennifer said...

I use lower case "L" + (back space) period to do exclamation marks. (and the lower case L works for #1, too!)

PS Thanks for the cute journaling cards!

6:17 PM  
Blogger Maggi said...

I LOVE the dress layout. I am not a scrapbooker at all but these posts really inspire me to get some stuff down. Beautiful, as usual, S.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm linking up to your cards in my blog post today! I loved using them on a tag that I created for a friend!

9:28 AM  

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