Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four Days Until Christmas

This photo pretty much sums up how much I've done to prepare for Christmas.

As packages arrived in the mail, they were just tucked under the tree to be dealt with later.  Festive, no?

No cookies have been baked, no tamales have been made, no family photo has been taken, Santa has not been visited, no cards have been mailed, no plans for Christmas dinner have been made, and no presents have been wrapped.  Indeed - we haven't even bought all of Bubba's presents from us, let alone figured out what Santa will bring him.  I only had to pick out four measly things!!!  I feel like such a slacker!

It's not like Christmas doesn't come at the exact same time every year.  It wasn't a surprise that was sprung on us at the last minute.  I had all year to prepare.  But did I?  Nope!  And now here I am.

I pulled out some butter to make some cookies later tonight.  Nothing fancy, but something to have in our cookie jar.  I was having computer issues earlier so while I was trying to let it recover I went ahead and opened all those shipping boxes and wrapped what needed to be wrapping.  Yesterday I took a mental health day and just worked on editing photos (seriously, WHY must editing photos take so long if all you're doing is resizing???) and getting sorta caught up on my December Daily.

The most important thing for me to remember right now is that Christmas is not about cookies or presents or tamales or cards.  It's about celebrating the birth of our savior and family and friends and love.


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