Friday, September 16, 2011

FFA Friday - September 16

Weigh in time!

Down a pound for a total of 7 lbs lost! (please ignore lovely scuff mark on toe kthx)

I tried the Bootcamp app on my phone this week. It's only 30 minutes long compared to going to class, which is an hour. The biggest difference though, I think, is that there is a REALLY short transition period between exercises. You don't get that minute to move to the next station and get into position. You get about three to five seconds if you're lucky which means NO RESTS and NO BREAKS for water or to catch your breath! There is no doubt in my mind that it's not a good workout though. I was super sweaty and beat after. :)

Also, have you ever tried to do a plank with an almost three year old doing it right next to you, mimicking every pant and grunt you make? He was also repeating all of the supportive phrases the app was saying, such as "You can do it!" "You're almost there!" "This one is FUN!!!" Yeah, it's not very easy to do exercises where you're required to concentrate on your core when you're laughing.

On Wednesday I did yard work. I made sure to watch the clock so I knew exactly how much time I spent working, as opposed to getting a drink, tending to the boy, etc. So while I spent most of the day out in the yard, I only spent three hours that could be counted as exercise. I'm trying to be as honest as possible when tracking that since it gives me extra calories and I don't want to eat too much, you know?

I'm on my way back outside to turn that bed so I can get planting. We went to Home Depot last night and I bought a bunch of seeds so I'm excited to get going!

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Blogger One Fantastic Housewife! said...

Love your blog. That little banner between posts is too cute! I think we have a lot in common so I hope you pop over and say hello!

11:08 AM  
Blogger Katy Cameron said...

Congrats for the ongoing loss :o)

6:38 PM  

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