Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Woo HOO! The Craft Room is DONE!

Tonight, after living in this house for over two weeks already, I can finally say that my craftroom is completed.

This is the view from the door. Enjoy it now,for even though I do tend to keep tidy I don't think it will ever be this clean again!

This is my work table. The room was big enough that I could actually float it like an island. That means I can have a friend come over and scrap with me! This is very exciting and I seriously hope I can find someone to take me up on the offer. I can only chat about cars, kitty cats, trains, and airplanes for so long man.

This is the stamping area. It's directly across from the door. On the left I have Ikea Ribba shelves to display rubber stamps. I'm still mad at them for discontinuing them because they were awesome. Under those shelves are my travel bags. There's a Navigator, a Paper Taker, a Paper Sticker Binder, and a Karen Foster bag.

To the right is my stamping area. I have the heat gun there with a mat ready to go. The multicolored drawers contain more rubber stamps. The tins contain ink pads and reinkers. The hutch holds pens, paintbrushes, and small notebooks. On top of the hutch is a row of jars holding small embellishments like metal frames, large brads,charms, etc. Above all that is my gallery wall of sorts. It's full of both happy and thoughtful stuff. The patterned paper in the wire mesh crates is sorted by color and theme into plastic envelopes.

Rubber stamps. Tequila. You know.

More storage in the large Expedit. I have my cardstock there. The pink and green boxes hold stuff like buttons, jewelry tools, unmounted rubber stamps, font cds, etc. Two of the three Xyron machines are there as well as other odds and ends. The green bins hold yarn, fabric, Xyron refills, and misc. paper for printing.

The paint shelf was originally purchased for stamps. I figured as I filled it I could buy another and expand. Well, then Ikea discontinued it and I already had one that wouldn't hold everything. Now it holds little bottles of Acrylic paint instead. The tank top hanging from the bottom says "Be Splendidly Imperfect" and was a gift from my friend Suzy. She brought it back for me from France. The apron next to it was from when I used to work in her store.

This is the window wall. I know the drapes are too short but so am I so whatever! They're the gingham Pottery Barn Kids one we bought for Bubba's "nursery" area in our apartment bedroom. We're going a different direction with decor in there so I nabbed these to go with my green wall. I want to make a pink bunting to go across the rod,

To the right is the card catalog. We'll come back to that in a minute. Under the window is a small shelf holding three drawer units of embellishments sorted my theme. There's also a bin of completed cards and one of stuff I want to alter some how, like dishtowels to be embroidered, etc. On top of the shelf is my sewing machine and my scrap basket.

The small Expedit holds more tools and supplies. The top two shelves hold die cutting materials. The next two hold binders with supplies and unmounted stamps and plastic document folders with foam stamps. There are also some scrapbooks in there, along with jewelery making supplies, a light box, and a basket with future projects.

On top there is a collection of things that make me happy. Bubba's first Chucks are up there, as well as Gidget's boots. The small lion was a gift from my Diamond sister and it sits on a box containing my violets and my name tags from various themed recruitment parties. The very top is my mini-shrine to consumerism/being a labelwhore. Hey, at least I own it!

This is the card catalog. I luurrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvveee my card catalog. I lusted after them for a long time and then my friend Suzy offered to give me hers because she found a new one. I about wet my pants, but managed to restrain myself. The drawers contain misc. supplies and embellishments, large ribbon, misc. tools, scissors, etc. The baskets underneath hold Heidi Swapp foam stamps, mini books to make one day, and various art supplies.

The shelves above hold more happy things, and does the bulletin board to the right. There are small drawer units that hold sewing supplies such as thread and notions. There is a clear plastic shoe hanger on the bathroom door holding larger punches.

I think this may be my favorite little corner in here. I have a vintage typsetter's drawer in the background. The heavy metal frame I found at Goodwill for $2, brought it home, spray painted it hot pink, and then popped on of our awesome family photos into it. (I can't remember if I posted those on the blog) There's a big jar full of various silk flowers, two pink flowers from my 30th birthday, and my typewriters. The blue Italian one from the 50's doesn't work, but I only paid $5 for it because I thought it would be awesome for display. The Royal in the case from the 40's is nearly in mint condition, so I keep it in the case so it won't get gummed up with dust.

Here we have my cutting/printing area. Since I use a laptop I don't need a lot of area to set it down. There are shelves with more storage up above, including a small drawer sorter unit with stuff like Sharpies, thumbtacks, Velcro, etc. The three drawer unit next to it has misc types of tape and roller stamps. The baskets have random art supplies, sorted by type. On the top shelf along with a small toaster oven, are two more pretty shopping bags and my MAC Hello Kitty plush. She's fabulous!

You know what's a good sign that you're a fat kid? You have a photo of an In n' Out Burger hanging on your wall. Next to that is a Kewpie doll my friend Susan got me from Japan and a Hello Kitty watch that my son's Godmother gave me.

The cubes stacked to the left of the table hold adhesives, rub-ons, and ribbon. The pink aluminum tree stays up all year long because I love it.

Leaving the room now. I was so confused as to how I could have more square footage but not have room for all my stuff to be against the wall like it was before. The solution? One wall is all closet doors. I used what I could of that wall by hanging my embossing powders and a couple of other small shelves underneath. I put all my "f"s on the soffit over the doors. The wreath on the door was found at the Walmarts a few years back and it also stays up all year long.

I even changed the fan pulls from the black plastic ones that said "Hampton Bay" to cute pink beaded ones. They look great with that black and brushed nickel fan!

And that's it! If you click on the photos they should get larger so you can see details. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I usually reply to you straight from my email, so if your account isn't set up with your email you'll have to type it into the comment so I can answer.



Blogger Becky said...

When I saw your first photo, I said Holy Crap! This is seriously awesome Sara. You have a bed in this room too?
You did an amazing job. I wish I lived nearby so I could come scrap with you and make tamales! Enjoy the new space, you are going to make some awesome stuff in here.

5:43 AM  
Blogger Susanne P. said...

HOLY SHIT! I love it, Sara. I am so happy for you that you have this room. Creativity is huge for those of us with our problems. KWIM? I am now on the hunt for a card catalog. LOL

7:32 AM  
Blogger Kama @ said...

NO. WAY. You rock! I cant believe you got it all put together so fast! And it looks like you have been crafting forever there. I love it, great job girl!

8:49 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

holy shit. I am so f-ing jealous. i can't even pretend that I don't want to swear.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...


11:35 AM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

WOW, wow, WOW. It looks incredible in there! What an accomplishment. This space is so organized and pleasing to the eye. I clicked on every picture because I couldn't get enough and wanted to see more. I love it! I'm happy for you that you have your creating room in order and can get back to making things again. I'd love to come over (feels a little weird to invite myself) after all our company leaves, which is late January. So, just say the word, if that works, and I'll be there.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Muffy said...

WOW. There are no words. It' heaven. OBSESSED. May you enjoy this room in good health and happiness!!!!

1:17 PM  
Blogger Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Woooow! Sooooo pretty and organized. Everything has it´s perfect place. Many cute details. Wonderful job.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

oh man it looks awesome!!! mine on the other hand is a complete DISASTER!

glad you're settling in - and feeling at home, and comfy and organized. It's a great feeling!!

name the date and the time and I'm THERE - we can create a mess together!!!


5:34 PM  
Blogger em said...

I can barely leave a comment because I'm SO jealous! It's awesome! I especially love the card catalog and your F collection! :)

5:49 PM  
Blogger Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

this is aboslutely GORGEOUS!!! lucky, lucky lady -- and MUCH deserved!!

9:16 PM  
Blogger Joyce M. Washington said...

Wow - looks great!!! It's offical...I am inspired. :)

12:43 PM  

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