Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Road to Austin

As I mentioned in my last post (over a week ago, yikes!) we headed out to Austin last week to attend my sister in law's wedding. Being the geniuses that we are, we decided to leave at night so that, in theory, the boy would fall asleep in the car and sleep for most of the first half of the 16 hour drive.

Um, yeah. That SO did not happen. He slept until we were right outside of Tucson, maybe two hours and then he was just up for the night. Luckily since we were on the Interstate we had cell reception and internet on my phone most of the way so he was able to keep himself entertained. By the time we rolled into Las Cruces, New Mexico, however, he was pretty much done with the car and wanted out.

We stopped at a rest area for about half an hour so he could run around and stretch his legs. I wanted him to be comfortable for the drive, so I had him dressed in footie pajamas. When we stopped to get out, I just slipped his shoes on over the feet.

My boy - he is stylish! Just so you don't freak out, that wall is only about a foot and a half high. It just looks dangerous in the photo but I assure you it is not.

We watched the sun rise.

There was this gigantic road runner sculpture off to the side of the rest area. It looked like it was made of garbage. I didn't want to get up close because there were signs everywhere that warned you to watch for snakes.

Looking at birds.

There were a bunch of these cute little bunnies everywhere too.

I must admit, I felt guilty when I saw them because the night before, as I drove, I hit one. I've never hit anything with a car before, and it freaked me out so bad. I was driving, and it was pitch dark, and then all of a sudden there was this ginormous rabbit sitting right in the middle of my lane. When you're going 80 miles an hour there isn't a lot of time to swerve without risking running off the road and getting into an accident. Unfortunately for that bunny, my child's safety was more important to me! He did start to run out of my way, but then he panicked and doubled back the way he came, which ultimately was what did him in. It was a horrible, horrible feeling to feel it hit. I hope I never have to feel that again.

We made it into Texas in one piece.

We got really close to the border - close enough that my phone connected with a Mexican cell tower at one point. I got a text message from AT&T saying that since I had left the country, international data rates of $19.99 per mb would apply. Of course, this was not two minutes after I had checked my email, so naturally I freaked out. I tried to call them, only to get a recorded message IN SPANISH telling me that I had no service. I tried my husband's cell, and of course, that one connected no problem. Never mind that we both have AT&T and are on the same account! I talked to a rep and basically found out that I have no international service, so if I do leave the country my phone will just not work. Since I have no plans to leave the country any time soon, I am okay with that.

We also had to roll through a border patrol checkpoint, that oddly enough, was nowhere near the border. It cracked me up when my very very pale husband panicked and pulled out his driver's license. I was like, Really? Are you serious? I decided to live dangerously and leave mine in my wallet. All the border patrol guy did was peek into the car and ask if we had anyone else riding with us. I told him just the baby, and he was like okay, have a nice day!

Very secure.

I couldn't get over how extremely FLAT it was out there! (Don't you just love the bug guts on my windshield, messing up my picture?)

These guys were riding their bikes in the middle of nowhere. It takes a special kind of crazy to do that.

I don't even remember where Ozona was. All I know was that by two I had been up for 24 hours and I was totally loopy. I managed to doze off and on for about an hour somewhere in the middle of Texas, but it was not good sleep at all.

I took this picture when we stopped for gas in Johnson City. There was a one lane street separating the gas station from this guy's front yard, and he was having a bonfire!

Then, as my husband was pumping gas, this guy rolls in on this. He had a long gray beard, a leather vest, and pajama pants. Check out his little friend on the back of the bike!

We drove through some of the cutest little towns that had flags lining the main street, ready for the holiday, but of course I was a dummy and didn't take any pics. We were so glad when we got to our destination! I passed out immediately. My husband went out to find us some food (thank God for the iPhone, seriously) and then after we ate, we all went right to bed!

Next up - Austin photos!

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Blogger criticalcrass said...

yep, texas is, for the most part, the epitome of flatness. austin and san antonio are hill country, though, so you should see a little sloping going on.

i hope you enjoyed the drive overall.

7:26 AM  
Blogger em said...

He is too cute in his pj's and his chucks! ;)

7:41 AM  
Blogger Hooptee said...

You are brave, I haven't attempted a road trip more than 2.5 hrs yet with the little one!

I have hit squirrels before with my car. It is the worst feeling, the pit of your stomach just goes. Of course, when I got home and told my husband (half in tears of course) he says, "Did you back over it to make sure it was dead?" UGH!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

How fun. I love, love, love road trips. That's stinks you hit a rabbit, but it happens. You did the right thing to just keep driving straight. I know it's an awful feeling. I was in the car when my sister hit a poodle when we were young, and I can still remember it's little face, surrounded by the black of night, eyes staring straight at us. So sad! TMI? That's hilarious about the fire and the guy that was on that bike. :)

5:49 PM  

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