Friday, March 13, 2009

Today recap

You know how sometimes, you get to the end of the day and you're so flipping exhausted but you can't figure out why because you feel like you accomplished NOTHING at all? That's how I felt today - to the point where I actually passed out when I set the baby down for a nap at 6:00 and slept until 8:30. I was thinking, Why the Hell am I so Tired???

Then I got out my camera to upload the granola bar recipe photos, and this is what I found:

I realized that I didn't really have any photos with the baby. I have pictures of my husband with the baby, and the baby by himself, but the few of us together are REALLY crappy and I look like hell. All the moms in my mom group have cute pictures of themselves with their kids, and I don't. I felt like I needed to remedy this situation, so, today I hung up my shower curtain as a backdrop in my bathroom and took some portraits using the self timer on the camera. This was the only decent shot. Someone was in a REALLY cranky mood this afternoon!

And yes, his collar is popped. I felt like that went well with my pearls. ;)

Okay, technically this one happened last night, but I've been happy about it all day - not only did I find my engagement ring, it fits again! I had to take it off BEFORE I got pregnant because I had gained so much weight it was cutting into my finger. How pathetic is that? I thought I put it with the rest of my jewelry, but when I went to look for it a couple of months ago it was nowhere to be found. I was really upset by this, as I'm sure you can guess.
Well, I've been deep cleaning and reorganizing my bathroom little by little all week. I had these cute pink votive holders on a shelf in there and when I took them down to wash them, there was my ring inside of one! It had the thickest layer of dust on it - so gross. I cleaned it and slipped it on. Perfect fit. :)

There has been a small stack of Christmas presents sitting in my living room, well, since Christmas. Shameful, I know. I finally gave up on waiting for my husband to ship his mom and dad their gifts and did it myself. I sold most of my maternity clothes on ebay, so I had to take those packages to the post office anyway. When we left the post office (which is less than a mile from home, by the way), the baby was awake and playing with his giraffe. When I got home, this is how I found him in the backseat - passed out with one giraffe foot still stuck in his mouth. Poor kid passed out mid-gnaw!

I got another request for one of these baby peapod things. This is the yarn she picked out - isn't it pretty? I finished it this morning. That got put into the mail today as well.

I just realized I'm totally posting these in backwards order of how they happened. Ah well, I'm too lazy to go fix it, so we'll call it a "rewind" instead of a "recap", how's that? This morning I sat the baby on the dining room table and attempted to take his picture. I actually managed to capture an almost smile here!
So no wonder I got worn out! This doesn't even account for the bottle washing, or the pumping, or the diaper changing, or the baby bathing, or the mom showering, or the hair styling (I blew it dry with a round brush today instead of flat ironing it... kinda like it), or the baby entertaining... PHEW!

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Blogger Susanne P. said...

that's a great picture. you def should take more pics of you and sawyer together. have hubs do it, too. just everyday shots or when you go out like to the park.

get out from behind the camera!

7:01 AM  
Blogger kingsqueen said...

Love the pictures - especially the one of you two together. We moms need to make a habit of being in the picture more often.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

That's a really good photo of the two of you! You do good work with a self timer and a shower curtain. You look very rosey. (sp?) I'm sure you've talked about it before, but what is the baby peapod? Whatever it is, it's pretty. But I'm curious what it's for. (I have several baby gifts to get together for people.) That's funny that he fell asleep "mid gnaw". :)

7:43 AM  
Blogger Hooptee said...

That's such a cute photo of the two of you! Make sure you hand that camera over to dad more often. Sawyer will love having pictures of you when he's older!
Is he sitting up in that last photo!?! That's one smart kid you got!
Love the pic in the car seat, those moments are so funny.

6:26 AM  

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