Friday, December 05, 2008

A Conversation with Bubba

While Bubba was having tummy time this evening, my husband came down onto the carpet with us. I thought he was trying to snap a picture but having a hard time because the baby is constantly moving, but it turns out, he was shooting some video. I stuck the two clips together (rather roughly, I might add) because they were so short.

Lately he's been "talking" to us, so I've been making an effort to talk back to him. I love his little happy coos!

As for the crib battle from yesterday - that child fought sleep all day. I was impressed with the level of stubborn he attained, actually. I felt bad for him actually, because it was so obvious that he was tired. He had little bags under his eyes and they were all puffy from crying. We stuck with it though. Every time he would fall asleep, we'd place him in the crib. After about five or ten minutes, when he'd inevitably start screaming, we'd pick him up and wait for him to settle down and fall asleep again. This went on ALL DAY.

Finally, at about ten thirty, he just stopped crying all of a sudden. He actually passed out, completely asleep, mid cry. We put him in the crib and he slept for a good five hours straight! WOO HOO! After he woke up for his middle of the night feeding, he went right back to sleep again, no sweat. Hallelujah. Right now, as I type, he is sound asleep in his crib and has been for about 45 minutes now.

Kick butt.



Blogger Hooptee said...

That is so sweet! The talking is so fun isn't it? He definitely sounds like a little boy!

And congrats on your first victory with the crib battle!

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he is so adorable! lily was just watching it with me and asked if it was her. she's used to all the baby media around here being of her or teno. ha ha

6:43 PM  
Blogger Susanne P. said...

sounds like someone is well versed with SuperNanny. Way to stick to your guns!!

1:05 AM  

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