Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just Some Stuff

One of these years I'm going to make it through the WHOLE year of doing Project Life.  I didn't even attempt it for 2014, despite faithfully making a place holder image each week on Instagram and pinning ideas all year. I decided to try it again though for 2015.  I have to start scrapbooking again!

I was going through the journaling cards I've made and collected that I have saved on my laptop, and I realized that I really love those fill-in-the-blank, form type cards.  For example:

And then I made this one, just to be funny:

Some are my own design, others I took something I saw somewhere and recreated with my own twist, others may be lifted from Pinterest, but I'm not completely sure.  

Let's see how far I make it this year.


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