Monday, January 02, 2012

Day Two with the Strider Bike

We were out all day yesterday, so Bubba didn't really get a chance to try out his bike again.  Come this morning though, it was all he could talk about!  We started off by letting him run around the back yard with it for a while and then decided to move to the driveway.  My husband figured he'd be able to get the hang of coasting there because it was a smoother surface than grass, and boy, was he right!

The boy started off just running up and down the driveway, pretty much like he had been in the back yard.  Eventually his father convinced him to sit on the seat and lift is feet, and he just took off.

(Please pardon my messy garage.  It's due for a serious cleaning!)

I could not believe how quickly he picked this up.  Remember, when he first got it on Saturday he could barely stand straddling the bike without losing his balance and falling over.  Within 30 minutes he was running around with it in the back yard as fast as his  little legs could carry him.  He rode it for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half on Saturday, and then another half an hour today before we moved out to the driveway.  That's how long it took my three year old to be able to balance and coast on a two wheeler.


He would get a running start, then lift his legs to coast for a few seconds at a time until he got wobbly, then he'd simply put his feet back down.  No need to lose confidence, because he always was in control.  After about 15 minutes of this he got to where he could coast about half the length of the driveway.  My husband would stop him at the end so he wouldn't roll out into the street, so we don't really know if he can go farther than that yet.

This kid is never going to have to use training wheels.  That just blows my mind.

Oh, and just so you know, no one asked me or paid me to do a review of this.  My mother in law bought this as a gift for him with her own money.  I'm just in total awe of it right now.  It's flipping awesome.

Of course, after all that running at full speed and coasting on two wheels down the driveway, when does the boy fall and split his lip?  Trying to turn the bike around so he could have another go at it.  You know, the slow, clumsy part.  He lost his balance turning the handle bars, they slipped out from under him, and he hit his mouth on the handle grip as he came down.  There was a lot of blood but he's fine now.  I'm guessing it's not the last injury he's going to sustain on a bike in his lifetime either, so I'm not terribly worried about it.

After all, he was demanding to go ride it again just a few minutes ago.  Way to get back on that horse, kid!


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