Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey Planner Junkies!

Okay, here is a list of the things I *should* be doing:

1.  Cleaning my house for the arrival of visitors this weekend.
2.  Figuring out how to decorate my mantel.
3.  Figuring out how to decorate the currently bare hutch in our entryway.
4.  Working on my Project Life.

Here is a list of what I am doing instead:

1.  Listening to the 90's R&B Radio station on Pandora.  SO.  FREAKING.  AWESOME.
2.  Making stickers for my planner.

To be fair, I did make it a goal to do a better job keeping up with my planner this year. I found a set of sticky notes on Pinterest that contained the "dire" and "important" wording, and then I came up with the rest.  Now, if my Google skills are correct, these should fit the little squares in the Erin Condren planners too.  Each sticker should end up an inch and a half wide and just under two inches tall.  This means you could easily use them in a traditional Filofax-type planner, or one from Target like I have.

I thought they were fun, and I thought I would share.  Of course, like all my printables, the deal is the same.  Visit (and hopefully Like if you have not already!) my Facebook page for instructions on how to download these for yourself.  Please keep them for your own personal use and don't sell or modify them.

Now, I printed mine on sticker paper that I bought at an Office Supply store and cut apart, but since they're only 1 1/2" wide they would also easily fit into a small sticker maker machine like the Xyron 150.  Heck, you could print them out and just smear a glue stick on the back as you need them.  That part is entirely up to you.



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