Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Gratitude Tree

This year, since Bubba's a little older now, I decided to do a "gratitude tree" in our living room for Thanksgiving.

At the beginning of the month, I took some five sheets of construction paper and made a bare tree on the short wall under the bar/counter that separates our living room from the kitchen.  I just stapled it to the wall, because the holes are tiny and that wall needs to be painted anyway.  It's about three and a half feet tall.

I added a teeny bunting made from twine and washi tape.  I spelled out "We are Thankful" in round letter stickers that I found in the dollar spot at Target.

Man, I love Target.  I need to go see if I put that on the tree.

I cut up some more construction paper into squares and sat Bubba down with the Sizzix.  You know, there have been times that I've considered getting rid of this thing because I have the Epic now, but I have to admit it's pretty handy.  It's easy enough to use that I can leave the boy unattended with it.  He thought it was great fun and cut out many leaves.  I would have found it tedious, so win-win!

Here's what our tree looks like now, in the middle of the month:

Now that Bubba's learning to read and write, it's fun to see what he adds to the tree and try to figure out what his leaves say. I'm trying to get my husband to add stuff to it, so that we can all be adding things to it, but you know how husband's are with crafty stuff.  ;)  Either way, I'm really liking this and I might just leave it up longer than this month, because hey - we should be thankful ALL YEAR LONG, right?

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