Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twelve of 12 - December 2011

Hey! Look who did a better job at getting all of her photos done today!

1. Twelve weeks! Also, fat bottomed girls make the world go 'round. FACT.

2. Check it out! It's Finn! I had my nuchal translucency ultrasound today. Finn is looking more like a baby and less like a blobby bean these days.

3. It was a gorgeous rainy day. When I got home my husband (who was telecommuting) made me a nice hot cocoa. YUM.

4. The boy and I went to the Asian market to grab a few items because I had a craving for noodle soup. Bubba loves to look at the fish.

5. These are my FAVORITE. I had them the first time in Seattle, then would always lament that our Asian market didn't carry them. Well, about a year and a half ago, the started!!! I always grab one when I stop in. They're amazing.

6. Dan dan mein. It's like egg drop soup with noodles and greens. So yum.

7. Still raining! Bubba wanted to try out the umbrella, but decided he didn't want to leave the entryway.

8. The Bubs and I took a nap together, then when we got up and came into the living room afterwards he went right back to sleep on his father's lap.

9. My husband's group at work adopted a family for Christmas, so we headed out to Target to pick up a few things for that.

10. I do remember that my exact thought upon leaving the house was, "I don't need to drag my umbrella along! There's no way it's going to start raining again." Um... yeah. Whoops.

11. Got home and got comfy on the couch. We rented Friends with Benefits. You can see the shameful state of my "mantel." Shameful.

12. Dinner! Okay, so when we make a frozen pizza, we usually just put it directly on the oven rack with a cookie sheet under it to catch crumbs so the crust will get nice and crispy. We've been doing it this way for pretty much the entire eleven years we've been together, at least as far as I can remember. Well, tonight we had a first - the entire center of the pizza collapsed! Like, it looked like it just melted through the rack! Thank goodness for the cookie sheet underneath, but still, the oven is a total mess. The salvaged bits still tasted good though. :)

And now, with that, I'm ready for BED. Night all!

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Blogger Kat said...

HAPPPPPPY 12 weeks :) Looking good. And I am so jealous about the asian market. We go to the Korean market when we're visiting my parents in Jersey.

7:44 PM  

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